The talents are attracted with a brand and retained with a cause!
Give employees a cause and grow successfully with!


    Start promoting your employer brand to attract talents!

    Branded company page
    Show potential candidates why your company is a great place for work.
    Audience engagement tribune
    Write articles and share content to keep job seekers engaged. Tell potential candidates why they should work in your organization.
    Еmployee brand advocacy
    Give employees a voice inviting them to boost company rating.
    Targeted company page promoting
    Sponsor your campaigns to reach targeted candidates.
    Take decisions based on data to be a step ahead in your business.

    Build your employer branding now

    Reach out and attract Top Talents!

    Automatically target your job ads to job seekers’ profiles that fit your interests.
    View suggested job seekers to hire faster than ever. Build relationships.
    Do not miss candidates. Manage, track and get in touch with top talents.

    Post a Job now

    Track and manage candidate relationships just in one place!

    Candidate Management
    Find, connect with, and manage professional profiles.
    Application tracking
    Classify, prioritize and track the best fit candidates.
    Direct contact
    Do not rely on chance, be the active side. Send offers to top talents. Use faster meaningful one-click contact.
    Matched profiles
    Save time with the right candidate suggestions at
    Task management
    Manage your time and stay informed for professional profile updates you interested in.
    Team collaboration
    All team members collaborate efficiently.
    Measure your recruiting key performance indicators (KPIs).

    Hire faster and efficiently!


    Raise awareness about the labor market and measure your recruiting success.

    Rating trends
    Track your company rating and make ongoing monitoring to build the best employer branding.
    Advanced analytics
    Start measuring and make positive changes. Take better decisions.
    Competitors’ tracking
    Track your visitors and competitors to be a step ahead in your business.
    Salary updates
    Get access to salary reports to give competitive offers based on data.

    Get the most out of reports through the premium account

    Engage the targeted audience.
    Influence the right talents and increase job seekers’ confidence!

    Promote system
    Helps employers and job seekers connect themselves in fastest way.
    Sponsor updates
    Sponsor company updates to keep engaged your targeted audience.
    Sponsor company page
    Increase employer brand recognition putting your business in front of the audience you matter most!
    Sponsor jobs
    Target your jobs to the right candidates!
    Sponsor content
    Influence top talents and increase job seekers’ confidence!
    Social media integrations
    Easily advertise your brand in social media to get recognition.

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    Get guaranteed employee hiring effortlessly!

    Save time!
    Do not waste time looking for employees.
    Save money from advertisement!
    Do not spend money for advertising if you have not got experience enough.
    Pay only for result!
    Do not lose effort and money for inefficiency.

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